Thanks for Your interest!

Your next step is to book an appointment for your recording:

Here are some reminders for our recording time: 

Please restart your computer before your scheduled interview.

Confirm that your mic and headphones/earbuds are plugged in and working.

Check your internet connection. Wired is always better than WiFi, when possible.

Please turn off/silence your cell phone.

Close all computer programs and browser windows that you don't need to have open, especially ones that make noise including email and calendars. Please pause any cloud syncing applications (Dropbox, Box, Drive, etc.).

If you don’t have access to a professional microphone and have to call in for your interview, please use a wired landline (no speakerphone). If you must use a cell phone, please use headphones/earbuds, and do not use the speakerphone. Cell phones are okay if the signal is good. If the call drops, you can always call back.

We’ll be connecting via Zoom. If you are on a computer with a webcam, I’d love to start with the video on so we can see each other, but we will turn it off when the interview starts for the best audio quality.

This will not be broadcast live, so don’t worry if you stumble or mess up. Everything can be edited and we encourage you to pause and start your sentence over from the beginning.

Please have your contact information (any applicable ways to connect with you, such as website, social media accounts/handles, phone number, and/or email) handy so you can share it at end of the interview if listeners want to reach out to you. Please take the time to repeat and spell out your website and contact information for extra clarity for the listeners.

If you use any industry jargon, please be prepared to explain it /expand on it, so anyone listening can tune in and understand your message without being an expert in your field.

Please have this checklist handy before our interview, as we will be going over it before we start. I want to ensure that you will sound as professional as possible. I’m really looking forward to speaking with you!