July 4

The Science of Sex – Dr Fanny Leboulanger

Want to improve your well-being and sexual life?

Dr Fanny is a sassy French physician, Self-Love and Pleasure Coach, and Recovering Self-Hater. After many years of practicing gynecology daily, she noticed something was missing… She decided to use her skills to help people fall in love again with themselves, step out of sexual numbness & boredom, life auto-pilot, and self-hate (and yes, they work together 😏). With a coaching methodology combining ancient wisdom and up-to-date scientific tools, a bilingual podcast and a French sense of humor, she dedicates her life to helping people build their own Sexyfied life. To reclaim the Lifegasm they deserve. 


Your Sexyfied Life Podcast: https://your-sexyfied-life.captivate.fm/listen

Free ebook Essence (Awaken your Senses, Reclaim the Pleasure of Being Alive): https://www.fannyleboulanger.com/essence

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