May 23

Beauty, Branding & Business – Tristan Thibodeau

Do you have branding that makes you different from all the other beauties out there... or businesses?

In this episode of the Little Blue Pill For Business Podcast I interviewed Tristan Thibodeau.

Tristan Thibodeau is a Forbes-featured Brand Strategist for Wellness & Beauty brands, as well as the Founder of the industry-leading brand strategy and design agency, Wild Womn Haus.

When clients engage in her services, they see an increase in revenue, community size, visibility, and recognition.

Tristan’s true specialty, however, lies in helping entrepreneurs identify their unique edge, market their “it” factor, and stand out in their niche.

She helps teach industry leaders how to become industry rebels by being authentically and unapologetically themselves.

In her view, industry rebels push boundaries, innovate, and create new markets by putting self-expression at the forefront of their brands.

She encourages her clients to sell what they want to sell and say what they want to say.

Learn how to build branding for your business.

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