March 8

From Handcuffs to Handshakes – Julie Jones

Are you stuck in a rut, endlessly spinning your wheels and getting nowhere? 

In this episode of The Little Blue Pill for Business Podcast I interviewed Julie Jones. Julie Jones is an Award-Winning Speaker, International Bestselling Author and an Adventure & Breakthrough Coach. Julie is also a TV producer , and her show, Stop Waiting Start Living is on the Zondra Network. As a former police officer and SWAT member, Julie knows that there is no promise of tomorrow, and coaches individuals to face the fear and live in the moment. Julie is a podcast host where she features inspiring, driven individuals who are leveling up in their life and have nuggets of wisdom to share. In the last 15 years, Julie has influenced thousands of clients in achieving their passions and getting comfortable taking risks in their pursuit of a better and bolder quality of life.

Julie's unfiltered approach to coaching and her 'get sh*t done' philosophy are not for the faint-hearted. Prepare to be captivated by her compelling stories, her unwavering commitment to authenticity, and the transformative impact she has on those daring enough to embrace her methods. Check this out!


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