May 1

Getting In Her Pants – Marnie Rabinovitch Consky

Not sure what to get your mother or mother of your children for Mother's day?

 We've got gift idea's she'll love!

Join me and Thigh Society CEO Marnie Rabinovitch as she defies gendered stereotypes and tackles the taboo topic of chafing with her innovative and comfortable long leg underwear, featuring seamless technology and a mission for body positivity.

She is a Chief Anti-Chafing Champion of Thigh Society (, an undergarment brand specializing in moisture-wicking, lightweight and breathable multi-use shorts that are not shapewear.

Marnie is one of those unique entrepreneurs who identified a white space opportunity based on her personal pain point of thigh rub, innovated a solution and then brought it to market.

Marnie wants people to feel comfortable in what they wear and that's her biggest passion.

She is on a mission to de-stigmatize thigh chafing and normalize long leg underwear for women that *isn't* shapewear.

If you want to hear more about these super comfortable shorts that can help you, your mother or mother of your children avoid getting sweaty thighs during hot days, check this out!

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