December 1

How to Crush it With Virtual Summits – George Shepherd

Wondering how to create a hot income & make your business bigger? or Grow? Wink.

In this episode of The Little Blue Pill for Business I interviewed George Shepherd. He is a serial Internet Marketer, copywriter, publisher and online event specialist with an extensive knowledge of selling both online and offline through high-converting marketing systems that get results. Launching his first online membership website in 2003, George has since launched more than 100 virtual summits, produced live events, published print magazines and has authored over 100 books on Amazon.
He has turned his focus to running one of the world's largest virtual summit/events companies called "360 Summits" that focuses on bringing the best and brightest educators, entrepreneurs and thought leaders to share their knowledge.

Jump in the bed with us & learn more about virtual reality, virtual businesses and virtual summits!

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