July 31

LinkedIn Passion – JD GERSHBEIN

Are you a passionate LinkedIn user or it gives you a headache?

Not sure how to use it for marketing & business?

In this hot episode of The Little Blue Pill for Business Podcast I interviewed JD GERSHBEIN.

JD is a LinkedIn Brand Strategist & LinkedIn Advisor.

JD believes character is king, and we must display good form in everything we do on this platform to achieve a professional objective.

He has identified a new business nexus between LinkedIn, personal branding, and applied improvisation—what he calls LINKEDIN STYLE—and leading a movement toward a more organic, human-centered design thinking approach to LinkedIn.

Learn how to boost engagement and credibility through original content and respectful personal outreach by listening to this conversation about LinkedIn passion!

Check it out!

JD GERSHBEIN LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jdgershbein/

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