September 18

Passion for Writing – Steve Kidd

You want to write a book but. You don’t have the time or the know-how to write, publish, and market it to best seller?


In this episode of The Little Blue Pill for Business Podcast I interviewed Steve Kidd. Steve is the owner of Thriving Best Sellers & Alveus Internet Solutions. He is marketing expert, radio host and author of more than 20 books. Steve spoke about writing, marketing and how to write your own book. Also, he spoke about marketing for books. 

It is where you start with your book! It is day one. THEN comes the fun part! All the ways and all the things you can do to promote your book, make money with your book, and capitalize on being a BEST SELLER!

Learn how to write your book & make a change not only in your business, but also for the world.
Check this out!

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