February 9

Sexual Health & Intimacy – Soumyadip Rakshit

Ever wondered how technology can improve your intimate life? 

In this episode of The Little Blue Pill for Business I interviewed Dr. Soumyadip Rakshit. He is the CEO & Co-Founder at MysteryVibe, world-leader in women's & men's health devices that are deeply researched, doctor-recommended, award-winning OTC medical devices to make sexual health accessible to all. We delve into the science behind the devices, the research, and the clinical trials that ensure their efficacy and safety. 

But this episode isn't just about the devices; it's about the impact they have on people's lives. We hear stories of individuals reclaiming their sexual health after major life events such as childbirth or cancer recovery. We learn about the importance of addressing sexual health issues not just for personal satisfaction but for overall well-being, including mental health and relationship dynamics.

Moreover, the episode takes an unexpected turn towards the business world. It's revealed how a fulfilling sex life can influence creativity, productivity, and success in one's professional life. This connection between the bedroom and the boardroom is a refreshing take on the integral role sexual health plays in our daily functioning.

Explore the intimate link between pleasure, health, and happiness. 

Check this out!

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