December 8

Sexy Techniques Increasing Sales – Annie P. Ruggles

Are you selling in a sleazy or sexy way?

In this episode of The Little Blue Pill for Business I interviewed Annie P. Ruggles. Annie calls herself The Cyndi Lauper of Sales (The Non-Sleazy Sales Academy) & Mary Poppins of Marketing (Quirk Works Consulting). She is the Founder of Quirk Works Consulting.  Annie is the host of Too Legitimate to Quit Podcast. Dive into the world of ethical marketing with Annie P. Ruggles as she shares her journey from theater to marketing and how she helps "ethical weirdos" sell authentically. Discover the challenges of navigating algorithms, the power of creativity in a saturated market, and the importance of shedding the "shoulds" of the industry. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to market and sell with integrity and personality.

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