November 10

Spicy Story Brings Sales – Matt Shoup

Have you ever shared a story about a hot business mistake you made? Or, you believe that your background has to be shiny and perfect if you want clients & sales?

In this episode of The Little Blue Pill for Business I interviewed Matt Shoup. Matt is the President of: M & E Painting and Roofing, M & E Real Estate Ventures and His specialties are public speaking, entrepreneur coaching, marketing and advertising, leadership & storytelling. Matt believes that storytelling is super important in business and that is totally ok to share a story of a mistake - but it requires skills. Matt shared his story & explained how it helped him grow hi business & increase his sales. He gave advice on how to share such a spicy story without ruining your reputation. 
Learn how to grow your business & build trust with your clients through spicy storytelling. 

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